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Photoshoot Lilith Love | 07-04-2013
Today I had a photoshoot with professional photographer Lilith Love. She is known for her self portr...
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Songwriters In Da House - Part II | 10-04-2013
The 'Songwriters In Da House' living room concert tour last season was a big hit! AlongsideĀ Tessa J...
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Photoshoot Agnes van den Herik | 27-05-2013
On a saturday, a day before my birthday, I had a photoshoot with pop photographer Agnes van den He...
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Jane Who in the Effenaar | 29-05-2013
On thursday June 6th, Jane Who and her band will play in the Effenaar as part of a two-day showc...
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Jane Who in de Effenaar! | 10-06-2013
Het was een zeer geslaagde avond! En daarmee wil ik zeggen, ik en mijn band zijn geslaagd! Met d...
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